PANGASINAN: Embracing the Western Cuisines
Posted: March 29, 2017 6:18 PM

You might have already heard of familiar dishes, like bangus, pinakbet, pigar-pigar, tupig, Puto Calasiao and Kutsinta. These are traditional dishes of Pangasinan, but moreso to what people know; this province now, is embracing the western food influences. Had a privilege to visit some eatery and try their food, here are trail of restaurants which offers Filipino traditional and fusion cuisines.

Lucky Bà ngoai’s Kitchen #9

“Eat healthily and get your tummy happy”, this what recalls to mind when you visit this hidden little treasure in Pangasinan. Though the location keeps it shade from the road sight, many people, however, go and even recommend this restaurant as a place to hang out for a rich and flavorful dines.

Facebook: Lucky Bà ngoai’s Kitchen #9
Type: Vietnamese
Address: Tapuac Dist, 2400 Dagupan City, Philippine
Contact Number: 09260373312
GPS Coordinates: 16.03848, 120.33376

New Leaf Japanese Restaurant

Serving only the freshest ingredients for their customer every day, this is what New Leaf Restaurant believes to keep the unique and genuine taste of their recipes. Combined with chic ambiance and décor, this makes the total package of this restaurant. If you are a Japanese food lover, this is a perfect food spot for you!

Facebook: New Leaf Japanese Restaurant
Type: Japanese
Address: Urdaneta-Lingayen Rd, Herrero, Dagupan City, Philippines
Contact Number: (075) 522 5323
GPS Coordinates: 16.04381, 120.33484

Café La Tea

What we love about this restaurant is their heart for treasuring Filipino tradition, gathering through a good food, the usual familiar setup of having a good conversation during a meal. It includes a wide variety of Filipino Fusion cuisine and tasteful coffee, and milk tea concoction. The place is comfortable with foam and soft lights, connection to the internet is available, a quick visit to work online is possible. Café La Tea food experience is simply memorable and familiar.

Facebook: Café La Tea
Type: Filipino Fusions
Address: Dagupan-Bonuan-San Fabian Road Herrero,Dagupan City>
Contact Number: (075) 540 2237
GPS Coordinates: 16.08232, 120.35302

Matutina Gerry’s Seafood Restaurant

An authentic seafood restaurant in the North, Matutina Gerry’s Seafood Restaurant offers their family pride dishes. They are known for its generous list of recipes, from the oyster, pakbet, barbecue, crab, shrimp, and the crowd favorite Bangus. The festive theme of the restaurant with colorful murals and displays adds up to the “Filipino Home” and culture feels, resulting to a big appetite asking for more. Oh, and don’t forget to ask for their free sweet pastillas for dessert.

Facebook: Matutina Gerry’s Seafood Restaurant
Type: Filipino
Address: Barangay Nancayasan, Urdaneta, Pangasinan
Contact Number: 0923 726 3404
GPS Coordinates: 15.955002732, 120.576011472

Ciudad El Mina

Becoming a tradition for Pangasinan travelers and visitors, to stop by the famous Ciudad El Mina, a floating restaurant where you can catch your own fish and have it cook fresh. They serve the famous “Flying Crispy Hito”, cut open to have a fair heat and fry on both sides. You should not forget to try their “Sisig na Bangus”, one of the most endorsed and personal favorite dish of the restaurant owner.

Facebook: Ciudad El Mina
Type: Filipino
Address: Barangay Arzadon street Dagupan City
Contact Number: 0923 248 5977
GPS Coordinates: 16.03435098525, 120.344215808

Bread House

What will first catch the attention is the simple clean rustic theme of the house. It is an urban café at the province which serves bestselling cheese bread, “ensaymada’”, and fresh baked “hopia”. They also serve brewed coffee which perfectly matches their cakes and pastries. It home for heirloom dishes like their Banana Crème Pie and assorted Crème Puff. Merienda Buffet promo is served to beat the summer; this includes “Halo-Halo”, lemonade, clubhouse sandwich, and burger for the only Php220 from Mondays to Wednesdays, 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM.

Facebook: Bread House
Type: Filipino / American
Address: De Venecia Highway, Lucao District, Dagupan, Pangasinan
Contact Number: 0998-853-8135
GPS Coordinates: 16.022262078166, 120.328810215

Healthy Gains

An awe-inspiring restaurant just next to the Panaderia Antonio has a very interesting story to share, details about how “it happened”, and how it was served as reality. The owner loves to eat, yet wanted to maintain a healthy body. For the love of food, she started learning how to prepare her own green foods, which basically how Healthy Gains started. A variety of salad, sandwich, dumpling, pizza, and cakes! This sure is a “sweet spot”, for health buff/food lover people.

Facebook: Healthy Gains
Type: Filipino / Vietnamese
Address: JDV Road, 2400 Calasiao, Dagupan, Pangasinan
Contact Number: (075) 522 0007
GPS Coordinates: 16.017726113333, 120.33729406333

Panaderia Antonio

Original home for ‘Plato Wraps’, Panaderia Antonio started as a simple bakery in a small Barangay at Lucao in Dagupan City. The supposed simple plato wraps served as merienda for the community skyrocketed in the food cart industry and was inquired by many. Aside from the good ole Plato Wraps, they serve pizza supreme which is really big and tasteful, partnered with their huge burger, it’s a sure deal! Their Kare-kare really caught our attention, with the right amount of shrimp paste on it, this rank as best Kare-kare in Dagupan for me.

Facebook: Panaderia Antonio
Type: Filipino
Address: De Venecia Highway Pangasinan
Contact Number: 0907 412 6383
GPS Coordinates: 16.017651510928, 120.33724591359

Masarap Grill

Masarap Grill speaks for itself. Masarap! As they served us their palabok, crispy lechon kawali, bangus, kare-kare, pancit, chicken, and pork barbecues. The restaurant is located at Magic Mall Urdaneta. It is a very spacious restaurant good for parties, conference meeting, and special events. A must try at Pangasinan too!

Facebook: Masarap Grill
Type: Filipino
Address: Guilig Street, Dagupan City, Philippines
Contact Number: 0922 893 185
GPS Coordinates: 16.0460299, 120.34395

Mint Kitchen Bar Karaoke

Refreshing beers, and mix tropical cocktails. It is a good place for weekend booze. The bar has local band artist performers, with the building’s good acoustics, music hobbyist will really enjoy. Also, their Karaoke Rooms are all inviting, with a cool urban ambiance with colorful murals and fair sound system, this Karaoke Bar is on top of it. They have generous serving in terms of quantity and quality, breaking the usual bar which serves only because it’s only for “pulutan”. If you want to chill with a good music, have a good acoustic genre depending on their schedules, or even party hard with rock bands. Or sing your heart out from a moving-on-heartbreak at their Karaoke Rooms.

Facebook: Mint Kitchen Bar Karaoke
Type: Filipino / American
Address: Metroplaza, AB Fernandez Avenue, Dagupan City 240
Contact Number: (075) 522 6468
GPS Coordinates: 16.0442104, 120.3383865

Beach Café Meat All You Can

Summer is here! The sun is out and so are the people, trying to find a good place to stay and spend days of getaway. They offer unlimited seafood served at the beachfront. You get to grill your own choice from a variety of seafood choices. If you’re looking for a place to go for seafood, Beach Cafe Meat-all-you-can is the rights spot for you. Served with fresh mango or star apple on the plate. Cool yourself with refreshing shakes or relax with brewed coffee. Whatever suits you, the all-in-feel of the Beach cafe and the dishes is pure summer bliss.

Facebook: Beach Café Meat All You Cae
Type: Filipino
Address: Razalan Beach Resort, Baywalk Area Lingayen, Pangasinan
Contact Number: 09182745817
GPS Coordinates: 16.030965274824, 120.23115634918

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