Baguio Food Crawl 2017: Searching for Good Food Beyond the Pine Trees Pt. 2
Posted: May 11, 2017 11:35 AM

This is our next list of eateries for our “Good Food Beyond the Pine Tree”! You’ll see artistic and unique concepts that will surely inspire you to travel and eat. :D



This restaurant gets invites from all over Luzon to cater their events, and for good reason. I mean, who wouldn’t want to miss ridiculously tender Pork Ribs with a side of a really pretty Ceasar’s Salad? Top it off with décors straight from a Parisian film and you get yourself one good meal.

Facebook: Bayleaf
Type: Filipino Fusion
Address: 390-B Happy Homes Old Lucban Magsaysay Avenue, 2600 Baguio City, Philippines
Contact Number: 0915 437 5926
GPS Coordinates: 16.4276509, 120.5942545

Session’s Café

At the end of a stressful week, everyone needs a space to chill and hang with friends. This is what Sessions Café brings to the table. Delicious affordable desserts, humongous monster shakes and lots fun and laughter await in this colourful paradise expertly located right at the heart of Session Road.

Facebook: Session’s Café
Type: Filipino Fusion
Address: 2nd Floor, Gamaphel Building, F. Calderon st. corner T. Claudio st., Middle Session Road, Baguio City, Philippines
Contact Number: 0917 636 0374
GPS Coordinates: 16.41186, 120.59661


Imagine mixing Philippine deliciousness with Italian sophistication, what do you get? An experience of one good meal, that’s what. Enjoy their Beef Shank Spaghetti, along with other scrumptious dishes and I assure you, this is one restaurant you wouldn’t want to miss on your next road trip.

Facebook: IPiatti
Type: Filipino Fusion
Address: Nevada Square, Loakan Road, Baguio City, Philippines
Contact Number: 09175384837 and (074) 619 0719
GPS Coordinates: 16.39502, 120.60908

The twisted Chef by Café d Angelo

Who would’ve expected to see a café with these aesthetics at the center of a peaceful subdivision? The twisted chef is a go-to for all who are looking for healthy yet delicious food. Their wide selection from appetizers, to main dishes and sandwiches are sure to make even meat-lovers keep coming back.

Facebook: The twisted Chef by Café d Angelo
Type: Filipino Fusion
Address: St. Patrick Village, Paterno St. Baguio City, Philippines
Contact Number: 0917 794 1979
GPS Coordinates: 16.4164, 120.593

Calle Uno Food Hub

Have the dining experience of a lifetime with Calle Uno Food Hub’s unique features of vintage Volkswagen promoting western inspired dishes and desserts! Get ready for the parade of beetle cars pimped for these five unique eateries.

Munchiez Food Truck

If you’re an Aussie steak meat lover, Munchiez Food Truck is for you! It will sure satisfy steak cravings with a very decent price. Their tender meat and side dishes are perfect combo for lunch, dinner, or for an all-nighter movie nights for takeout.

Pendong Food Bug

Next food truck offers assorted barbeques and mixes of lemonades. Pendong Food Bug prides their meat on sticks, chicken kebabs. Haven’t tried their “A Beetle Bit of Everything”, heard it’s really good, well that just gives me more reasons to go back and visit!

Facebook: Pendong Food Bug
Binge Beetle

The “sweetest” beetle of Calle Uno! Why not? They serve ice cream and dessert in the hub. Next to Tilapia Ice cream of Pangasinan, their Bacon Ice cream is next to my weirdest yet tastiest Ice cream I’ve tried. Next time you visit Baguio, make sure to go and try it. It’s a must!

Facebook: Binge Beetle
Road Grille

Grilled Pork Ribs and Chicken Wings are the best sellers of this truck. Their bundle treats are good for “barkadas” and alike.

Facebook: Road Grille
Cheat Day / Live Long

What I loved about this green truck is your choice to either eat a cheat day, or should you choose to be healthy for the day. All their foods are categorized in two: Cheat Day which includes the sweet vanilla ice cream with churros, and Pizza; And on the other side: Live Long, which has healthy shakes and salad. A definite treat for vegan people who wants to visit Calle Uno.

Facebook: Calle Uno Food Hub
Type: Filipino Fusion
Address: 3 Escoda St (First Road) cor. Naguilian Road, Quezon Hill, Baguio City, Philippines
Contact Number: 0917 501 7787
GPS Coordinates: 16.4164, 120.593

BZA Home Arts Cafe

BZA Home Arts Cafe is a destination restaurant serving home brewed hot and cold beverages, home cooked meals and sumptuous pasta. It’s the only spot in Baguio where you can enjoy delicious food and drinks while enjoying the whole artistically designed house, with different themed room at the same time. A must try are their Grilled Pork, Shrimp Pasta and Beef Canape.

Facebook: BZA Home Arts Cafe
Type: Filipino Fusion
Address: #37 1st Road Quezon Hill, Baguio City, Philippines
Contact Number: 0975 355 3010(TM) 0907 179 5103(TNT)
GPS Coordinates: 16.4155712, 120.5793929

Joie de Vivre

“The Joy of Living”, for some would say. The core of Joie de Vivre holds to this mantra all throughout their place. This restaurant is one of my favourite because it gives attentions to simple joy of life. How? A library themed room where you can eat and read books at the same time. A couch and bean bags where you can just relax while drinking shakes. An open floor to dance and sing your favourite song. All this with a smash of good food and great service.

Facebook: Joie de Vivre
Type: Filipino Fusion
Address: 4th floor, MM.Gara Building, Marcos Highway, Baguio City, Philippines
Contact Number: 0915 684 1475
GPS Coordinates: 16.39089, 120.57861

Baguio Craft Brewery

Surprisingly good beer, this was the stab in mind the night I visited this pub. I’m expecting that I would feel bloated after they served eleven flavours of beer. But that’s the catch with their beers, these drinks not like the usual would not give us “beer belly” because the natural content of the beers disseminate that effect to our body. Fine beer, I say! Perfect match for these drinks are Pulled Pork Muffins and Crispy Wrap Sisig. Best beer for me is their Lagud or easy to say, Strawberry beer.

Facebook: Joie de Vivre
Type: Filipino Fusion
Address: RKC Building, 120 Marcos Highway, Km 4, Baguio City, Benguet, Philippines
Contact Number: (0917) 777 6215 / (074) 620 2278
GPS Coordinates: 16.394723607264, 120.58012783527

The first Baguio Food Crawl 2017 was made possible by The Other Bloggers in partnership with all the participating restaurants.

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Report by Eats In The Philippines.

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