How to Travel Around the Philippines
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Colorful Jeepney

The Philippines has one of the most colorful and unique type of transportation that both tourist and locals uses to go from one place to the other. Although like any other countries whose mode of transportations are commuter busses, trains, airplanes and cars, the Philippines has other unique transportation systems that are not found anywhere else in the world. Traveling in the Philippines is quite different from other countries and the mode of transportation used by people here depends on the objective of the trip. The Philippines is composed of thousand of islands with many beautiful scenic spot that a new visitor or tourist can visit. But because of her island structure an individual should be able to select the right kind of transportation to reach these beautiful scenic spots.



Philippine Airplane

If you are a tourist who’s always on the go, the local airlines would be the preferred choice. Most of the scenic spots of the place are located in various islands and one would have to take several mode of transportation to reach the place if the plane is not taken. However, if one has the time, the use of busses and boats would give a tourist a bigger view of what the Philippines is like. Traveling from Manila to any tourist destination by riding the bus or renting a car would allow you to see the other beautiful sceneries along the way. When you reach coastal destinations, riding the local boats called bancas will make you see the various beach resorts with different color of sands, a place where you spend a day or two to relax and enjoy nature.




Like other countries, the Philippines local mode of transportations includes Air travel, ferries/ships/boats, railways, taxis and busses. For distant tourist destinations, busses, boats and planes are the preferred mode. While in the city or metropolis area, taxis, busses, trains and overhead railways (MRT and LRT) are the main transportation used by the masses. Most of these modes of transportations are everywhere in the country and most of them are air conditioned because of the hot and humid weather of the country. Busses on the other hand are categorized into two. There is the city bus and provincial bus. The city bus travels along the urban areas only while the provincial bus travels to the different provinces of the country. Some busses even ply from the northernmost part of the country to the southernmost part and to cross from one island to the other ferries are used.The trip from north to south normally takes about a week and if visitors and tourists have the time this is a very inexpensive way to see all of the scenic spots in the Philippines.


In the metropolis and in some provinces, there are unique modes of transportation that the locals use. Theseare the jeepneys, horse driven carriages called “calesa” motorized tricycles and pedicabs. Except for the jeepneys, the rest are used for short distance trips and at times are employed by visitors and tourist to visit city tourist spots.


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