Philippine Culture

Juan Luna

The Filipino and their culture can be considered as one of the most distinct as compared to the rest of the people of the world. Each region in the country separated by what they call provinces has their own specific culture and dialect. The Philippines’ seventeen regions which starts from the most northern part of Luzon to the southernmost part of the Mindanao Islands have their own distinct dialects and cultures but even with this condition, the Filipinos still is the most unified race this part of Southeast Asia. The Philippines richness in culture makes it highly different and unique from other countries of the world. Their diverse cultural heritage, arts, tradit ions and dialects makes them a one of a kind race in Asia. Its wide history with the various nations in the world since it was first discovered in the 1500’s makes it one country that have been heavily influenced by variPlanting Rice by Fernando Amorsoloous cultures that spans from the Far East to the most western part of the World. The culture that you see in the Philippines today is a mixture of Asian, European and American culture. The culture of the Philippines has been tremendously influenced its history with other nations and the blending of foreign influence and its indigenous civilization. Spain has colonized the islands for over three centuries and the Hispanic influences is a very dominant factor in the Philippine’s fol k music, foods, art, religion, language and folk dances. The Malaysians were one of the first (even ahead of thMahjong_solitaire-01e Spain) that brought pre-Spain and non-Christian culture in the islands. The Malays were the roots of the country’s mythology and indigenous culture along with Islamic culture and religion. The US also has a big role in influencing the Philippine culture. The Filipinos love of contemporary music, films, and sports all came from the Americans while the Chinese and Japanese have given the Filipinos the interest in martial arts, Asian games like Mahjong and Asian cuisines.


In shortiniklingt Philippine culture is very diverse with 90% of their population to be Christian while the remaining 10% are Muslims or members of other religious denomination. The country has wonderful traditional clothes, folk dances and music that show the Filipinos’ elegance, beauty and grace. The Philippines is so proud to be a country that is full of artist that is known throughout the world. From the classic to the contemporary music, drama, art and film, most Filipino artists have proven to be one of the best. They are so respectable in this field that most of them have brought honor and glory to the country. Filipinos are optimists because they would always see the light in the midst o
f darkness and would always keep a positive point of view to every problem that may befall thtraditional clothingem. This is the reason why Filipinos are able to endure any economic, political, socio-cultural, religious and other problems in their way of life. These diverse culture and traditions of the Filipino people is what makes them stand out in the world society and this has gained the country fame and uniqueness for other countries to see. Their warm hospitality, diverse cultural traditions and the blend of foreign and ancient influence makes the Philippines totally distinct from the rest of the world.





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