Common Languages used by Filipinos

Jose Rizal

The various countries that have colonize the Philippines form the early 1500’s to the late 1940’s have contributed a lot for its citizen to learn the various languages of the people who have occupied them. The almost three centuries of occupation by Spain has allowed the Filipinos to learn the ropes of speaking and writing in Spanish. As a matter of fact, one of their national heroes, Jose Rizal is a pure born Filipino is an excellent Spanish Writer with his famous, Noli Me Tangere (Touch Me Not) and El Filibusterismo (The Filibuster), two radical novels that sparked the revolution of the Filipinos against Spain.


Philippine Classroom

When Spain was defeated by the US in the late 1800’s the former surrendered the Philippines to the American which started the US colonization of the Philippines. This in turn allowed the Filipinos to learn the English Language. This is the reason why that in all of Asia, the Philippines is one of the most fluent when using the English Language. The knowledge has given the country a tremendous advantage compared to the other Asian countries considering that English is one of the most spoken language all over the world. Even as we speak, the common language used in the Philippines today next to their native Pilipino tongue is English. The English language in the Philippines is regularly used in public and private offices. More importantly the mode of teaching in almost all of the educational institutions in the country is English. This is the reason why people from English speaking countries have no problem communicating with local Filipinos when they come for an official or pleasure visits.


Chinese Merchant

Even the Chinese language is understood and spoken by some Filipinos. History shows that even before the Spaniards came to the islands, Chinese Merchants have been coming to and from the Philippines. Today a large percentage ofthe Filipino population is of Chinese descent and can fluently speak the mandarin and Cantonese dialects, two of the most used Chinese dialects in the world. The almost four years that the Japanese occupied the Philippines was also enough time for some Filipinos to understand and speak the Japanese language. The colonization of Philippines by different countries has in some way beneficial to the people of the Philippines considering that most of them are no multi lingual. Today most countries acknowledge that fact that Filipinos can be called global because most of them can adapt to various languages commonly spoken in the world.



The Filipino language is actually a conglomeration of so many languages and has the characteristics of early languages such as Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Sanskrit, and Spanish. According to experts, it has the sophistication of the Latin Language, complexity and straightforwardness of the Greek tongue and very courteous like the Spanish, Sanskrit and Hebrew Languages. However, its native tongue, (Filipino) is widely spoken in not only in the Philippines but in all Filipino communities all over the globe. The Filipino language is very easy to learn and understandthereby making it easy for traders and visitors to interact and communicate with the locals. The Philippines is a common destination of Americans and other English speaking tourists and visitors and is a common place for English Speaking businessmen for outsourcing their jobs.

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